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My name is Verena, I am 28 and I come from Berlin, Germany.


My photography journey began in 2013 when I was working and traveling in New Zealand. I met so many people with cool cameras and by the end of my stay, friends just handed their cameras straight over to me - back then I didn't realise that this was the start of a path that I would walk on for a long time.


I rarely had humans in front of my lens until a friend got pregnant in 2017 and I was fascinated by the growing bump. By coincidence, lots of my friends ended up getting pregnant that year, so I got to practice my maternity shots a lot. Once the babies were born, I photographed them too! I loved it so much that it is now one of the standard services I offer.


In March 2019, I moved from Berlin to Scotland. The breathtaking landscapes played a big role in my decision but so did the kind, friendly people. After having met my partner in 2020 we decided to move to London in 2022 to start a new adventure. We are now situated near London's Botanical Garden - Kew Gardens and we absolutely love the area! Since moving we have been up and down between Scotland and London which leads me to offer my photography services at both locations.


I don’t think there’s been a single day in the past 8 years where I haven’t touched my camera or my laptop for editing. Photography has been a wonderful way of meeting so many new people and adding great photo moments to my portfolio.


Thank you to everyone that has allowed me to share the photos I took of them throughout the years. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am now.


Verena Splett

Photographer based in Kew, London

Offering services in London and Scotland

Single & Couple Portraits | Engagement | Wedding | Maternity | Newborn | Family

Nursery | School | Business Headshots | Product | Property | Landscapes

“Verena took photos of our little ones at nursery and they were great!

Far superior to the usual nursery/school photos - lovely memories!” 

—  Cicely


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