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If you have come across my pricing tables on each page already you might have noticed that I base my prices on the number of photos rather than the shooting time. After having worked professionally in the industry for 6 years now, I believe that this is the best pricing system I have ever been able to offer to my clients. In this case, you (my hopefully soon-to-be-client) will have full insight into the minimum amount and flexibility over how much money you are going to spend, or in other words how many photos you will receive in the end.

Does this sound too good to be true? I will explain how it works below...



In this section, I am going to explain how the booking and delivery process will take place. These steps rarely differ between the different photography fields but if they do, it will all be explained along the way.



Once you have filled in the enquiry form or the questionnaire on my direct booking site I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Unless I have a question about missing information I will share the pricing list with you again so you get a great overview from the start and if you are interested in booking me for your wedding we will arrange a video call before the next step.



To secure your date for a photoshoot I am asking for a deposit payment of £100. If you are looking to secure a wedding or event date I will send a contract before the deposit invoice. Once the contract is fully signed you will receive an invoice for 25% of the full amount. As soon as your invoice is paid and your payment is confirmed the date is all yours and we are ready to go!



The number of photos that will end up in your gallery is dependent on how many images I took during our photoshoot that I think turned out great. You will receive an exclusive password-secured gallery that contains unedited images during this step. Your task is to make the final selection according to your liking and budget. Sometimes, you can get overwhelmed or simply not have the time to do the selection. In that case, I am offering my skilled eyes to do the selection for you. The additional fee is £50.



Once your final selection is confirmed by you I will start the editing process. Depending on how many images you choose, I am aiming to deliver your final edits within 1-2 weeks after your confirmation and you will be able to review the results (watermarked) before paying the final invoice. If you're happy and you have paid the final invoice, the watermark on your photos will be removed within 24hrs and you will be able to download the images in original size (ideal for unlimited printing) and web-size (great to save to mobile devices with low storage).



If not previously agreed, I will be asking you for permission to publish some of your photos on my social media and other online presentations. Additionally, I will be sending you the links to my facebook and google page and kindly ask you to leave a review for me.

you still haven't found what you're looking for?

please get in touch with your request and I am looking forward to creating an offer for you

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