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Many photography businesses have successfully specialised in one field and I always wondered, if I would ever develop my speciality. After 10 years of photography and looking for a niche where I best fit in, I have closed this chapter. My tool is my camera and wherever I point it I see perspectives, beauty, angles, creativity, uniqueness, and endless opportunities, so why should I point it only in one direction?

My big advantage is my experience in many different fields. Are you an event client who needs food shots before the food is all gone? No problem, I have photographed nursery children with a minimal attention span - I know what time pressure is. Maybe you're a wedding couple hoping for some nice photos during the golden hour. Easy - timing golden hour shots is one of my specialities after chasing sunsets during my allotted time outside during the UK's many COVID-19 lockdowns. Perhaps you're a parent who's worried that their child(ren) might not interact during the photoshoot. Don't worry, I remember the joy of my childhood very well and always combine games and fun activities during family photoshoots. The kids usually forget we are taking photos!

Life is too short to only walk on one path. On which path will I meet you?

Wedding couple standing in confetti aisle surrounded by their guests holding a glass of champagne, black and white image


Your Wedding Day is one of THE most important days in your life and this is exactly how I will treat it too. You'll have a sleepless night of excitement before the Wedding, and so will I!

My organisational skills from my previous job as an event and wedding planner certainly come in handy when shooting weddings and I won't be shy of using the skills I have if you ask me to. Your day is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I will make sure the memories will stay vibrant forever through my photos.

family of four sitting on a rock, behind them is water and thick fog


More than 200 families have already smiled into my camera - some of them even more than once! Raw emotions, like when a favourite stick breaks or little fingers get too cold and Dad has to warm them up, have become one of my favourite things to photograph. No family stories are the same and I am always amazed at how each family member opens up individually in front of the camera during our photo shoot.

A bottle of harris gin is standing on the beach in the sand and a waves crushed against the bottle


I know that your brand or your product is a labour of love. You want your "baby" to present itself in the best possible light whilst transporting the message that you want to get out there. I get it! Let's make it happen and get creative.

a lobsters claws are hanging over the side of a boat used as buffet stand


Does it taste as good as it looks? I will make sure that future guests won't even need to ask this question. Food photography has become a new passion and I love setting the scene to showcase your tasteful work in all its culinary glory.

a mothers hand is holding her newborns hand, black and white image


a girl with red hair and blue eyes is looking directly into the camera whilst standing in front of a dark background


Congrats! You've just made it through the first few days of life with a newborn. Now that the adrenaline ride has slowed down a bit, it's a great time to let me into your home to capture the beauty of new life and the realities of parenthood. Changing nappies and cuddling are encouraged!

You see yourself in the mirror every morning when brushing your teeth, so why do you need professional photographs of yourself? I will show you new perspectives to prove that you are a work of art, worthy of being captured.

a girl with two blond side ponytails smiles into the camera whilst popping bubbles with her fingertips, black and white image


I discovered outdoor nursery photography out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic because shooting indoors was banned. It turns out that the outdoors is the perfect environment to capture children doing what they do best - having fun! Nursery photo shoots are now one of the most fulfilling parts of my job. Bring on the bubbles!

pregnant woman wearing a red dress, her hand and her partners hand lie on the big baby belly


Watching the female body change during pregnancy is mesmerizing and - although it may not feel like it after 35 weeks! - it is over all too soon. Alone, or as an expecting couple, there will be room for you in front of my camera to relax, be the real you, and celebrate your growing little one.

man and women running through the woods whilst holding hands, black and white image


Public service announcement: you don't have to wait until a big event to get nice photos of you posing for the camera. I enjoy framing the little touches between you that show the depth of your love and trying to capture that electric feel between you.

P.S.: if you are planning to propose I am also more than happy to assist!

suit wearing man standing in grand hotel hall, red walls, wooden staircase, fireplace, chandelier in the


In our fast-paced world, the presentation of your business is more important than ever. My photos will help you show the best side of yourself, your business, and everyone involved in it. Please also approach me should you need any help with social media or on your website.

man in suit standing on podium in event hotel room, the audience is facing the speaker


As a formally trained event planner, I know how much work it takes to pull a great event together so I will be sure to show yours at its best. No detail will go unnoticed and mingling amongst your guests whilst taking candid shots is one of my specialties.

straight view into a newly renovated kitchen, bright colours and many ceiling spotlights


I have worked with holiday lets, holiday accommodation platforms, property developers, and private home sellers, to show properties at their best. I take bright, realistic photos of properties that can be delivered at short notice. If you need property photos urgently, make sure to get in touch.

My Social Media

My Instagram account is full of behind-the-scenes shots, personal news, updates on my ongoing projects, follower polls, and interaction - all delivered with a hint of German humour. (yes, that exists!)


Follow along and get to know me and my photography. I can't wait to meet you and learn more about you too!

Likes and comments don't cost anything but mean the world to me and my small business :)

Remember Tomorrow Photography Business Logo, white
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mother and father holding the hands of their child which is standing on a tree stomp, all facing the camera
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