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One of my most recently added fields is food photography. The challenge here is definitely to not only make it look delicious but also create a realistic imagination in the viewers head - and try not to eat it before the photoshoot is done. Natural colours and light are essential when it comes to preserving taste in images.

In the future I would like to cover more projects like the ones below. Maybe your creations are next?

food photography


December 2020

Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

During the pandemic when every hotel and restaurant was struggling, Saorsa 1875, UK's first vegan hotel, offered delicous meal boxes including a doorstep delivery. A brilliant concept that needed capturing to give an idea what will be included in the deal. I choose a table in the dining area for our shooting, right next to the window. The light that day couldn't really break through the clouds and I had to use artifical light and a reflector. The challenge was to have a smooth apperance, not fatty-looking, not dull-looking in order to transport taste. Saorsa was delighted and was able to keep selling their amazing food thanks to great looking online marketing.


April 2021

Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Technically, you could go to McDonald's or any pub in Scotland to order a burger with fries but you won't get the same experience that you will receive at The Craft Diner in Dunkeld. The passionate ex-hotel chef Orkun creates outstanding burger specialities that covers all the tastebuds. Before he started his business we created the first burger shots in his living room and later on when we ordered burger patties for our own BBQ party I couldn't resist but capture the juicy- and crispyness all over again. Still in my early food photography stages but I guess the photos tell you all you need to know.

food photography
food photography


April 2022

St Andrews, The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

I got to photograph the Fairmont Hotel food on more than one occasion and I was always amazed how much visual art can be created with the most simple ingredients. The galleries of the Fairmont contain their afternoon tea sandwhiches, insights into the Christmas chocolate factory and food that is being served at event held at their premises. After having met the head chef Alex, who is also from Germany, and his team in their hotel kitchen I could see how much passion and precision was poured into creating these dishes. Something that I aimed to reflect in my photographs.

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