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As a former Event manager, I have a well-developed sense of how quickly the important moments can fly by during events. I work with my clients well before events take place to make sure I know exactly what you and your guests would like to see after the event. I love capturing the atmosphere at events, amongst both colleagues and clients. Unless a group photo is called for, my style of event photography is not posing or interrupting, I simply observe the natural flow of conversation and try to capture this.

Knowing how much effort flows into the preparation of events, I try to leave nothing uncaptured. This is because I know that even getting the font right for a welcome sign can be an agonising decision!


Corporate Event Photography Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center London


February 2024

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center, London, England

This corporate event was held by the Finance sector in the amazing Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center right next to Westminster Abbey in London. This conference required attention to detail and good organisational skill as there was so much going on at the same time. Overall more than 1500 guests attended the event and my main focus was the networking amongst guests, the speakers on stage, and all the little details like food and drinks, that made this event characteristic. My work environment was very dark therefore the low-light lenses came in handy! I was lucky enough to photograph personalities like Rory Stewart, Alastair Campbell, and Bryony Gordon..came


February 2024

Park Plaza Hotel Riverbank, London, England

A big pharma company started its new year with an internal 2-day kickoff event. Two days full of their 2023 statistics, groundbreaking innovations, networking, inspiring speakers, and 1920's aftershow fun! My briefing was short and gave me a lot of freedom to capture and interpret the event from my perspective. Great vibes were transported through music, pictures, light, set-up, and attention to detail making this event a huge success. I worked closely with the organisation team of AMEXGBT which made me feel like I have been a part of them for a long time. Watching the pharma colleagues reconnect after a long year of hard work was a great pleasure and there was so much joy to photograph.

Johnson & Johnson Kick Off 2024 London stage Park Plaza Hotel Riverbank
event photographer


April 2022

Fairmont Hotel St. Andrews, Scotland

When The Travel Company Edinburgh & In2Scotland approached me for their upcoming event I was more than delighted to receive their exciting itinerary. Hosted by ASTA, a US-based travel agency, the 3-day event promised their guests golf on some of Scotland's most iconic coastal golf courses, traditional Scottish seafood, and a grand castle gala dinner. The event was flawlessly organised and this meant that there were loads of great opportunities for me to observe and capture the amazing itinerary and events.

Day 3 of the event was captured by my colleague Simon Hird and edited by me.


June 2023

Neue Mühle, Brandenburg, Germany

In this picture, you can see my brother (left), my dad (right), and their business partner in the center. In the summer their company Splett & Kahl Pulverbeschichtung celebrated 30 years of business. I was a guest but was also asked to capture this milestone moment. There were heartfelt speeches, a nice atmosphere amongst colleagues, and some great food. This was far from the biggest job I have ever undertaken but I like how the images transport how proud the team, partners, and clients were of this achievement,

event photographer

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