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Finding the right angles for properties - their interiors and exteriors have become one of my favourite photography fields. It is almost like meditation, walking from room to room, observing light, shapes, and colours. It is crucial to know what the images will be used for and communication with the client is key.

In the past, I photographed properties that were up for sale, rented as holiday homes, or newly renovated. Each job had a different purpose and had to be approached in different ways. Since my first property, I have improved my kit, gained new skills, and got to walk through lots of doors - every one of them with their own unique quirks.

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November 2023

Kew, London, England

Unico Develop is a professional construction company. When I was asked to photograph their newest renovation project, I was stunned by what they had created in this ex-council house. The property was well-lit and had lots of open space so no artificial light was needed. In their gallery, you can see how I focused on their detailed work and how much skill was involved from their team. Before the photo shoot, we discussed Unico's focus in detail to make sure that everything was captured. In the end, it took almost 3 hours to frame all the rooms and the garden to deliver the photos Unico was hoping for.


June 2020

The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

This property was looking its best when I turned up to photograph it. When a house is up for sale the first things people look at are the price and the pictures. If the pictures effectively communicate the strengths of a home, it can really help with the sale process. When I turned up at the property the owners made sure to show me all the amazing features of their home. To get the best mixture of images I shot with a mix of lenses. The big windows and light walls were functioning as soft boxes and no artificial light was needed. The results led to a very happy homeowner and a super fast sale.

property photographer
property photographer



The Kingdom of Fife, Scotland

Pass the Keys is a Holiday Rental Management Company. I worked for their Kingdom of Fife branch in Scotland, showcasing the beauty and variety of the holiday homes they had available for rent in the area. The main aim was to capture the properties as realistically as possible so that guests could make informed bookings. Any property that meets the Pass the Keys standards can be listed as a holiday home on their website. The differences between the different properties couldn't have been bigger and it was a challenge to let them all shine equally.

Words from Unico Develop

property photographer
We booked Verena for a full finished house photography and we were very pleased with her service and professionalism. She was very easy to work with and very helpful with our needs. Will definitely recommend and use again in the future.
Andrea, owner of UNICO DEVELOP

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