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What is your style?

My photography is very natural, capturing the moments as they happen. Depending on how keen you are for posing I can guide you more or less. I will always try to capture your best side, therefore I might make comments on setting your foot straight or maybe re-organising your hair. During the photo shoot, there's lots of time to chat and to find out more about each other.

What happens if I or my family members get ill?

I will offer one postponement for free. Please contact me as soon as possible if you or one of your family members has COVID symptoms or is feeling ill otherwise.

How quickly do we have to choose our favorites?

Your gallery will be online for one month so you will have enough time to pick your favorites.

Where can we leave a review for you?

Thank you for thinking about writing a review, one of my most powerful marketing tools! You can kindly leave a review on my Facebook page (

or on my Google Business page (Remember Tomorrow Photography by Verena).

If you are unhappy with your photos (that can happen!), please get in touch with me. I am always trying to deliver the best quality and will be happy to adjust if that has not been achieved.

How long is a photo shoot?

My usual time frame for each photo shoot is 1 hour but in reality, I never manage to stick to a certain time frame for many reasons. We might have to wait for the sun to be covered by a cloud so you don't have to squint your eyes or one of your family members is having a hard time warming up to me and my camera. There are so many reasons why I would never pack my bag and leave after a certain time frame has passed. The photo shoot ends when I feel like I have captured enough lovely moments.

I would always recommend leaving some time buffer after the photoshoot for your plans.

To avoid last-minute stress, make sure to pick an outfit (that suits the weather forecast and occasion) at least one night before the photo session. I can recommend deciding on a colour scheme – it has a hugely positive impact when the colour palette of everybody's outfit is similar. I would also recommend avoiding any big brand logos, slogans, patterns, faces, animal prints, etc. on t-shirts or trousers. Please also pack a backup outfit - you never know ;)

How long do you keep our Gallery?

3 months. After that the gallery will be deleted and only your final selection stays in my archive. If you wish to receive the gallery again after one year of the photo shoot, please approach me with this request. For a fee of £25.00 per 3 months, I can store your gallery as long as you like.

Where will you take photos?

Your photos, your choice! If you have a special bond to a place or would like to combine a little road trip to an amazing location then you just have to send me a pin. I'm always up for exploring new places that I have never visited before and I like to challenge my photography eye when being at different locations. My repertoire of great photo places is huge as well. If you're unsure, you can always ask me for suggestions.

I am based in Kew which is in the West of London. We can also go and take photos in the Gardens!

Do we have to bring something to the shoot?

If everyone is busy doing things, then the natural photos will create themselves. It is also easier for me to find smiles, laughter, and neutral faces if everyone is kept busy with nice activities. So, bring shovels to the beach, a ball to the park, or a magnifying glass to explore the woods. Snacks, drinks and anything else to keep everyone happy would be great too of course!

Will you share our photos online?

Only with your permission! When sending out your final selection, I will always ask for your permission. If you agree I might share some of your photos on my website and social media channels. If you have changed your mind and you don't feel comfortable anymore with me sharing your photos, please simply get in touch! I can easily remove them and it's not a problem at all!

What if it rains?

As a professional photographer having worked in Scotland for years, I am a specialist in adapting to all weather conditions and with the right preparations, you will be too. If the photo shoot has to be canceled because of heavy rain or a storm, then I will inform you and we will find a new day. Otherwise, I would suggest welly boots, an umbrella, and to lookout for rainbows!

How do we receive
our photos?

After the photoshoot, you will receive access to an online gallery with all the photos I took of you. The photos will be unedited at this point to make the editing process faster. You then can choose your favorite photos, and give them a little heart so I can see which ones you like best. I will then edit your favorites. Depending on how full my schedule is you can expect your gallery within 1-2 weeks after the photoshoot.

How does the delivery and payment process work?

Your favourite photos will be sent to you via a download link that you will receive in an email. The link will contain two folders of the same photos, a high-resolution folder (these photos are great for printing, etc.) and a low-resolution folder (they are better for saving on your phone to share). You will need to save these folders onto your computer within 7 days, as the link will expire after that time. Together with the photos, you will receive an invoice. Please transfer the amount listed on the invoice no later than 7 days after you receive it. My account details will be on the invoice too.

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